Il Sindaco di Bologna ha un progetto ambizioso: spostare la sede italiana di Google da Milano a Bologna. Progetto straordinario? Chiede aiuto alla Web Gang! A metà ottobre 2012 parte l'iniziativa che coinvolge i fan di Bologna e ottiene l'attenzione di Google, Inc.
Ecco la missione...

Let's move Google to Bologna!

The idea
Use it different!

The Web Gang hijacks the local domains and redirecting them to two fake Google homepages: one dedicated to BOlogna and the other one dedicated to MIlan. And puts them in competition with each other making the content... the score!

The mechanic
Make the content the score

The two pages connected to Facebook do not work like search engines but allow Milan and Bologna fans to write "why they want the Office of Google in their own city". Each time a new fan writes on the page his face (the FB profile picture) is added to the background of the page and gradually creates a great wall. The city that fills first its fake Google home page Will win the challenge. A sub-page called "Score" allows everyone to monitor the progress of the challenge in real time.

The engagement
Connect to Facebook

The two fake home pages are connected to two Facebook fan pages and that of Bologna becomes the center of conversation on the initiative. November 6, 2012 The Web Gang organizes a flash-mob in front of the two towers of Bologna. The event is launched thanks to the FB page of and word of mouth among fans and their friends.

The reaction
Knock out the lawyers!

Google (who claims to appreciate the initiative) calls for the cancellation of the two domains, the modification of the pages to avoid confusion with the real search engine, the renaming of the two FB pages. So a poll for a new domain is launched on the Facebook page: will win (which is the current name of the FB page).

The results
It's only click n scroll (but i like it!)

Over the course of 3 weeks the fake home page realizes 15.000 unique visitors, the Facebook page gets over 3,500 fans with over 1,500 comments. And especially the fake home page is 100% filled with faces! The initiative is covered by local television and various national newspapers.

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