We are open sourcing our brand to the beach boys of Kenya. A unique opportunity for the fans of the web gang to wear a necklace with a unique piece of the famous hand-horns! A little big help to the people of Africa!

Supporting Kenya!


At a cost of $ 45 a Kenyan beach boy can buy a fishing net that lasts 5 years. With this net he can fish during the low tourist season to support his family. With 2,000 Kenyan shillings (22.90 usd) you may acquire a unique piece of our brand TWGNG made ​​of wood by a local craftsman. 2 pieces = 1 fishing net = 1 happy family in Kenya! The next time you or one of your friends go on holiday in Kenya remember to order the beach boys a necklace with the hand making the horns!


At the moment we have activated the beaches in Watamu area.

All items are limited edition!
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